Hindaun City

Hindaun City (HAN) is a railway station, serving Hindaun City on the West Central railway network in India. It comes under the Kota Railway division of West Central Railway zone. Hindaun City is a B-Grade station on the Delhi-Mumbai route. It is located in the Karauli District of Rajasthan State. The station code is HAN and it belongs to Kota Division. Railway stations near Hindaun Railway Station are Shri Mahaveerji and Bayana Jn. Sawai Madhopur is the other railway station near Hindaun.

Tourism Information

Shri Mahabirji

Shri Mahabirji is a railway station on the West Central railway network at Hindaun Tehsil in India. It comes under the Kota Railway division of West Central Railway zone. This is a C-Grade station on the Delhi-Mumbai route. It serves Hindaun city. The station consists of three platforms.

Barah Khamba Gumbat

The main places of attraction in Hindaun City are: The Prahladkund, forest, Hiranyakashayap ka kua, palace and the Narsinghji Temple, Shri Mahavirji Temple is a major pilgrimage center in Jainism. The Jaggar Dam of Jagar, Kundeva, Danghati, the Suroth Fort, City of Moradwaja, the castle of Garmora and Padampura, the Timangarh fort, Sagar Lake, Dhruv Ghata & the well of Nand-Bhaujai are some popular attractions. The temples of goddess Chamunda Mata Temple, Chinayata and Chamunda Mata Temple, Sankarghanta in western part of city, Nakkash Ki Devi - Gomti Dham (the heart temple of Hindaun City) with adjacent sacred pond termed as Jalsen pond. Radha-Raman Ji Temple and Shri Hardev Ji Temple are also famous and located within the city.[citation needed]

Jachcha Ki Baori

The stepwell is said to have been built by Lakkhi Banjara. An interesting phenomenon associated with this is that when the water did not get excavated, a saint had said that if a Jachcha (pregnant woman) gives birth to a child, then it can get water in it. People say when once its water dried up and cleaned it, inside it the stone statue of a lady lying on a stone crate between the middle of the Stepwell, was seen in the statue of the lady. On the name of this it got the name Jachcha Ki Baori.

Palace at Hindaun fort

Matia Mahal, Hindaun

Matia Mahal located at Hindaun in Rajasthan, India, is an ancient heritage of Hindaun. This magnificent building is about 150 feet long, 150 feet wide. This building is made of red sandstone. This is a three-story building. The people believe that soil and stone have been used in the past and it was constructed by a person named Matia and named after it was Matia Mahal. But to study the structure inside it, it is known that the building was a horse of the fortress of horses here. The texture is similar to the horse. Here also the signs of binding elephants are clearly visible. The main door is very high but the entrance door is also high so that elephants can get out of comfort. In this case, the living rooms of the sepoys remained. There is a place beside it, which is probably the place of residence of horses and elephants. it is a very ancient castle. It is a very beautiful palace, but at this time this situation is very bad. This is a focusing building, it can be a good attraction for tourism, the palace is a special thing that it is made of red sandstone.