Kota formerly known as Kotah, is the 25th largest district in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. It is located 240 kilometers (149 mi) south of state capital, Jaipur. Situated on the banks of Chambal River, and has been identified as a counter-magnet city for the National Capital Region to attract migrants and develop as an alternative centre of growth to Delhi. It is 47th most populous city of India.

Kota is famous for its coaching institutes for engineering and medical entrance exams. It is also called "Education City of India".

The city is the trade centre for an area in which millet, wheat, rice, pulses, coriander, and oilseeds are grown; industries include cotton and oilseed milling, textile weaving, distilling, dairy, manufacture of metal handcrafts, fertilizers, chemicals and engineering equipment.

The town of Kota was once the part of the erstwhile Rajput kingdom of Bundi. It became a separate princely state in the 17th century. Apart from the several monuments that reflect the glory of the town, Kota is also known for its palaces and gardens.

Tourism Information

1. Seven Wonders Park

A newly opened park and now a premier attraction of Kota, this park has replicas of the Seven Wonders of The World including Taj Mahal, Pyramids of Egypt, Eiffel Tower, Brazil's Christ the Redeemer, Statue of Liberty and Rome's Colosseum. Taj Mahal depicts the Mughal style of architecture perfectly and was built by Shah Jahan in the loving memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz. The Great Pyramid of Giza in the desert and is called the land of the dead by the early Egyptians who resided there. Brazil's Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Lord Jesus which is 30m tall, has a pedestal which has a height of 8m and arms stretching 28m wide. Eiffel Tower of Paris was introduced in 1889 and marked the 100th anniversary of French Revolution and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Leaning Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the cathedral of Pisa. Statue of Liberty is said to be a gift from the French to the United States as a mark of freedom and democracy. Last, but not the least, Rome's Colosseum is a huge amphitheater which was constructed as a gift to the people of Rome.

2. Kishore Sagar and Jagmandir Palace

Kishore Sagar is an artificial picturesque lake dating back to 1346 constructed by the Bundi Prince Dehra Deh. It located by the side of attractive Brij Vilas palace museum. A palace named as Jagmadir is located at the heart of the museum. The enchanting palace is a red sand stone monument of the grandeur days of Kota. The reflections of the exquisite palace walls and domes in the azure water of the Kishore Sagar Lake are breathtaking. A treat for photo fanatics and nature lovers.

3. Garadia Mahadev

Situated in Daulatganj near Kota, Garadiya Mahadev Temple is not just a revered Hindu temple but also a popular tourist spot because of its location at the scenic Chambal gorge. Perched at a height of 500 feet from the mean sea level on a picturesque cliff, the temple is enshrined by Hindu God Shiva. Boasting of immense scenic beauty, views of the virgin green plains sprawling all over and flanked by river Chambal on the side, the place is one of the most ideal picnic spots in the region. The presence of several peacocks and other avian species attract a lot of birdwatchers and photography buffs. Considered to be the best place to relax and unwind, the vantage point is surely a must- visit.

4. Kota Barrage

One of the most popular place among the locals, Kota Barrage is frequented for its peaceful evenings along the riverside. Kota Barrage is a dam built on Chambal River and is located quite close to the main city.Kota Barrage is the fourth construction in the Chambal Valley Project over River Chambal. It was built to store the waters stored by the three previous dams of the project Gandhi Sagar Dam, Jawahar Sagar Dam and Rana Pratap Sagar Dam, and then channelize it to the dry areas of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh for irrigation purposes via canals. At present, it helps in agriculture in around 20,000 acres of land. The 19 gate long barrage forms a bridge over River Chambal at Kota, on which people gather to enjoy the fascinating view of frothy white water being thrusting out in full force.

5. Chambal Garden

Chambal Garden, a beautiful garden in the backdrop of Chambal river, is a much sought picnic spot in Kota. The garden located at Amar Niwas on the landscape of Chambal river encloses a well maintained pond, a habitat for crocodiles.Chambal Garden is located in Kota, a town in the state of Rajasthan, India. The landscaped garden is a hot-spot for picnickers in the city who frequently visit it. Against the backdrop of the serene river, the lush green garden is a place that will rejuvenate one and all. It is a quick escape for those seeking a quaint location close to nature. One can stroll across the garden over well-maintained pathways amidst tall trees, lush green shrubs and colourful and fragrant flower beds. Spending time with friends and family in such a beautiful environment is bliss. Chambal Garden is located in Amar Niwas on the banks of Chambal River. It is an attraction in Kota and draws tourists from all over the world. At the centre of the beautifully landscaped garden is a pond which is home to several Gharials, also known as fish-eating crocodiles. Watching the majestic reptiles swim their way in the serene pond and observing their natural instincts in their habitat is a captivating sight.

6. Khade Ganesh Ji Temple

Believed to be more than 600 years old idol, Khade Ganesh is one of the most important religious place in Kota.Its Lord Ganesh temple situated in the south part of the city. The thing make this place famous is that this sort of temple where GANESH is standing is nowhere else in India. You can also visit RangbadiBalaji temple on the way. Situated close to river Chambal, there is a lake nearby where several Peacocks could be spotted. The unique part about this temple is that Ganesh's idol is in standing pose, which is supposed to be the only standing idol of Ganesh in India.

7. City Palace, Kota

A confabulation of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture and art, the City Palace is a monument of the glorious royal past of the Kota city. City palace is a fantastic landmark in Kota attracting thousands of tourists every year. The palace is adorned with imposing wall paintings, mirror walls, mirror ceilings, hanging illuminated lights and floral decorations. Breathtaking marble floorings and walls and stylish fashioned entrance, all these make City Palace a memorable location. The attractive garden around the palace adds the beauty of the Palace. City Palace encloses a grand museum enclosing huge collection of medieval weaponries, costumes and apparels of erstwhile kings and queens, artifacts and handicrafts showing the cultural heritage of the bygone splendid days.

8. Rao Madho Singh Museum

Housed in the premises of Old Palace of Kota, Rao Madho Singh Museum boasts of an incredible collection of rich artefacts and documents depicting the history and culture of Rajasthan. Silver figurines, terracotta figures, coins, sculptures and manuscripts attracts the students, historians and tourists alike. The museum sprawls over two storeys in several galleries.

9. Mukundra Hills Wildlife Sanctuary

Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary is situated around 56 kms away from Kota near Bundi. The sanctuary boasts of a rich wildlife and is home to asiatic elephant, sambar deer, elks etc among several other exotic animal and plant species. The sanctuary is mostly popular for wildlife safaris, treks and sightseeing. Initially it was used as a hunting ground by the Royal families.

10. Abheda Mahal Kota

Abheda Mahal situated near the Chambal river of Kota of Rajasthan.  The palace was established by Ummed Maharaj,  the palace has a great history and many different stories behind its establishment.  The palace has a pond which houses beautiful lotus flowers,  turtles.  It is said that earlier the pond used house many crocodiles,  also these crocodiles we’re named and were treated as total pets. The palace has great architecture and perfect place for picnic and for photography. The palace image falls on the water in the pond reflects its image which is a great view in the day.